Saturday, 5 August 2017

Making a form in Google Forms.

I really thought I would struggle on my course on Fridays but I'm really surprised how well things are coming together nicely in DF Intensive group. I just need to make time to practice so I don't forget what I have learned.
This week I learned how to generate a form in Google Forms. 
Making sure my instructions are clear for the person responding. I can add a videos or images and make it look good. We all made our forms about different topic such as food, sport and hobbies and then we filled out each others forms. It was fun.  I'd like to generate a form around our Inquiry about the Moon, Earth and Sun to find out how much my students know. 


  1. No reason for you to struggle Jocelyn. You have expertise, we have a fabulous group to provide peer support and I think the three tutors aren't so bad either ;)
    I am delighted to see the progress you are making and creating this Form and thinking about how you could use one with your learners is a great step. Keep talking to Charlotte as she needs someone to bounce ideas off and has lots to offer you.

  2. Thank you for sharing Jocelyn, it is great having you in the DFI group this term. Great to see you are finding value in what we are covering. I am looking forward to seeing the form that you plan on making for your students about your inquiry topic. Maybe you could share it to your blog when you are done :)


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