Friday, 11 August 2017

Digital Fluency Intensive Week 3

Another amazing day with the DFI group. We focused on the functions in our gmail. I was able to change the theme of my Gmail page , and looking at what the functions do in setting. I'm going to clean up all my contacts this weekend. Google Hangout is great we got to hangout with each other and Dorothy who is in Australia this week. We had a group Hang out where we had to discuss a students post and recorded our discussion to post on our blog. The video below is a Hang Out discussion I had with Kiriwai and Kelsey. The post is of a class at Ruapotaka School and their flying creations. Well done team.

I have invited Matt and Dorothy to Hang out with me next week. I also have a Hang out invitation from Miss Lavakula on Monday. So this will be really good practice. 
Thanks Matt and Gerhard for todays session and thanks Kelsey for helping us out today.

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  1. Kia ora Jocelyn, Great to see your learning continuing from afar. As you mentioned I enjoyed participating in the Hangout from the Barossa Valley in Adelaide. Thanks for the eating out tip! And now I am reading your post in Melbourne airport. You should see Melbourne appear on your blog world map, and in your statistics I will be the Mac using visitor from Melbourne!!

    Your group conversation around the blog post from Ruapotaka was well done. You manage the technology skilfully and had a professional conversation about the learning occurring. Well done.
    You will be a pro by the time you have had your hangouts during the coming week.


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