Thursday, 23 February 2017

Professional Inquiry.

This year I have a class of bright beautiful energetic year 2s. We started the week getting to know each other, the class routines, and 'The Pt England Way'.  So much has happened in the last 4 weeks. Swimming, Kiwis Sports, Creative space, Maker space, team assemblies, the opening of our new bike track and to top it all off a leaky room, which meant relocating to another room. I was devastated I had spent a lot of time getting room 26 ready for the new students. After a whole day I managed to turn our new class into an amazing learning space for my students and I. I have to mention my students were amazing and concerned about how I was feeling, they  kept asking me if I was ok even during a swim lesson a student swam over to where I was sitting to ask if I was ok 
"It's ok Ms Tumahai we will help you clean"    Bless.

So now that we have settle I have been able to put some thought into my Professional Inquiry and this years inquiry focus is Maths. I have to say this area is making me a little nervous. I never understood maths as a child and so I didn't enjoy maths at all. But I have an obligation to give my students every opportunity to learn maths and enjoy it. Which brings me to a group of students who I have identified as the "Stuck Stage 2s"

So my inquiry is: 

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  1. Joce, your new room is looking amazing and I'm so happy you and your students are now in a dry place. How lovely that the kids wanted to check how you were?! They are very sensitive and caring.

    I am so excited about your inquiry and I can't wait for you to share what you come up with with our team. We can definitely all do with PD around maths. It is interesting that you have noticed that stage 2 is where the kids plateau a bit. They need a lot of solid maths knowledge at this stage to be able to move on - which is exactly what you sound like you are doing with this target group.

    Thanks for telling us about your inquiry yesterday. It's going to be an interesting one to follow!



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