Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Awesome toolkits today

Blogging is going to be a lot more enjoyable.
Thank you Fiona and the team at Glenn Innes School awesome toolkits 
I'm going to be design blogging all night.

Monday, 3 August 2015

How has my teaching changed?

What has changed and why do I think this?

My class is now 20 very enthusiastic and energetic students. So this had made a huge impact on the way we do reading groups now. The area where I have notice significant change in my teaching is in reading. 
  • I am finding that I am not getting enough time to listen to all my reading groups.
  • The children are not getting the best out of their reading.
  • I feel there is no quality reading coming from my students.
  • The students are not enthusiastic about reading.
What did I change?

  • I have made time in our day for me to read to the students so they can get excited about reading again with books they want to listen too.
  • I don't try to get through 7 reading groups in 1 day however, my goal is 3-4 groups a day depending on absentees or just the general atmosphere in the room.
  • There are benefits to taking home the same book for 2 nights (reading mileage, word recognition, knowledge of HFW)  
  • Students are not reading the book together. They are now reading pages of their book individually using 1-1 pointing using the Gwenneth Phillips reading strategy.
I know this is working because I am feeling a lot better about setting goals and expectations for myself and my students. The students are also making progress in their reading levels.

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