Sunday, 25 February 2018

Problem Solving

My first attempt at problem solving with mixed ability groups. I put a problem up on the board and the students were given a pencil and paper to draw or show their working out. The problem was an addition. I reminded the students of the ways we had discussed how we could solve problems. 

I have 26 pairs of Jandals  ( image ) and  I bought  4 pairs from the warehouse, How many pairs of jandals do we have altogether.

Refection:  I think the students did well for our first attempt. Some of the groups need to be changed.
I have a lot of students who sit back and let others do the solving. We need some turn taking so that everyone in the group contribute their ideas and everyone listens and encourages others.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Maths Inquiry

This year Pt England School is embarking on the  Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities  formally known as DMIC with  Professor Bobby Hunter. I like Bobby's passion and commitment to the programme and delivering an inquiry-based teaching approach aimed at raising student achievement in low decile schools. I'm confused but interested and after having conversations with colleagues I felt better knowing that I was not the only class that had not started the programme. 

However,  I was inspired this morning after my meeting with our Associate Principal who helped guide me in my Inquiry question to shape my ideas for what I wanted to do with my students. So my question is - Will introducing language problems and real world contexts improve the language of maths for lower performing students in my class. This may need a bit more thinking but it's a start in the right direction of my inquiry.

Opportunity for a discussion

When things happen in class one of my student's always comes to me and say's "Ms Tumahai I think we have a problem."  this can be a little tiring considering the solution is a quick fix.
So I decided to ask the students to discuss amongst themselves their thoughts of what is a PROBLEM?, what does it mean?. They started putting up their hands but I decided no hands up would be helpful to sieve out the student that had lots to say and the students who had the least because this would help group the students in preparation  for my inquiry. 

Will introducing language problems and real world contexts improve the language of maths for lower performing students in my class?

I wrote down their thoughts. I then put up another question for discussion Can you fix problems?  Here is what the students said.


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Introducing Room 25

Room 25 2018

This year I get the opportunity to work in an Innovative Learning Environment and I'm excited but also very anxious. I'm with some new teachers who come with new fresh ideas so this will be great when sharing in this new space. More updates coming soon.