Saturday, 9 March 2019


I thought I would share the progress of one student in Room 25 who is really enjoying writing and continues to impress me. He listens to instructions and tries hard to sound out letters to words he needs for writing. This student started the year using the picture cards making up to 3 sentences and copying these into his writing book.
This student no longer needs the picture cards for writing and  is now what I call in the independent writing group. This student is writing about all of the experiences we have had this term. The 1st and 2nd images are writing with the support of picture cards. The 3rd is an independent piece of writing without support. The forth imaging is a blog post and the last image is the writing sample about making fruit kebabs.


Tuesday, 5 March 2019


This is our first PENN short film for 2019.  We have been learning about how to keep our teeth strong and healthy.  We have created our own pictures in an EE. We even brush our teeth at school.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019


For our writing experience I let the student make fruit kebabs. I cut and chopped, sliced and peeled the fruit and placed it all into a bowl. The students took turns to make their own combination of fruit for their skewers. We had marshmallows and chocolate sauce. We all ate our fruit kebabs outside.

After some discussion, thinking, and brainstorming the students began writing their recount about making fruit kebabs. I was pleasantly surprised how enthusiastic they were to begin writing. 

Saturday, 23 February 2019


I'm really excited about the writing in Room 25. This week I have 3 experiences for writing. The first one is about Rippa Rugby and the next is about a student who had a birthday last week and the whole of team 2 got an ice block each. The last experience for the week was making the tallest marble run in team 2. We have a new genre this week and it's recount writing. We talked a lot about recount writing and what kind of writing this was. I'll share some of the boys writing in my next post.

Friday, 22 February 2019


 After 3 weeks of getting my boys to write using picture cards. We have had some success. The boys enjoy writing. They have become very independent in making their own sentences and were disappointed when we did not have writing. The boys said they liked making their own sentences and then having something to write. What is really inspiring and giving me hope is the boys can read their sentences back to me.

The image above is just a couple of the sentences the boys can make. There were lots of discussions about the "Who" would be in their sentence and "What" that person would be doing and "Where" they would be doing this. I have a set of cards between 2 students. I hear the students sharing and having  conversations about going to the super market with own family and these conversation are important.  I have already taken the full stops out of each packet of cards and next week I'll take out all the WHO cards to see what the boys will write. 
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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Inquiry 2019

This year I will be working with boys in particular. There are a group of boys who I have identified as needing support with writing. I'll give them experiences and real life situations to write about because sometimes boys don't always remember what happened in the weekend and some students don't have anything to write about. So together we can have some experiences for the students to write about.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Te Wa Toi

Just wanted to share these images of the students from Room 25 2018. They learned how to created new images of themselves using Hyper Studio and shared these on their blogs .

Thursday, 20 December 2018

End of Year Inquiry

It's has been a very busy year and we have made it. A new learning environment which has been both exciting and challenging at times. My inquiry into the language of maths, understanding and using the language in learning. I have to admit DMic has been confusing for me, how do I collect the data, how do I know the student know what's going on, are my lower students getting this? At the end of the year how do I feel? am I happy?  What' s come out of this inquiry is that the students are talking to each other sharing what they know and turn taking.