Saturday, 5 November 2016

My Gem Moment

'Writing Test'

"Room 26 you smashed it!" 

  After the shock of February's writing test results I decided to put a lot of work in this area.
The decision to have a whole class writing plan, which focused on repetition of alphabet sounds, beginning bends and vowels, saw an improvement in their attempt at spelling high frequency words along with their site words.

 Word games also helped to re-enforce the learning. 

However our focus was writing a sentence using a capital letter and a full stop.
Ok, this does need a bit more work. What am noticing is the students using connectives to make their sentences longer (this is what the student think) not more interesting, just longer using the same two words 'and den' (and then) (aargh)

Some of us have tried moving on from this with a lot of success. 
My Gem Moment
Our writing tests show, a beginning, middle and end, some kind of ending some not complete. One to two pages of writing, most of the writing has coherence. Really good spelling of high frequency words. 
The best thing about this was their enthusiasm to get started.

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