Tuesday, 21 June 2016


 I had the opportunity to observe 'Reading' in 2 different classrooms. One was a year 1 class and most of the students in this class were my students from last year. I was very happy to see them in their new class and doing well in reading. The other class a year 6 class in a shared learning space. Observing other classes is great I was very inspired and have some ideas to take back into my class and my teaching. 

Here are a few things I noticed:

Year 1 class
  • Quiet and calm
  • On task and engaged
  • Independent 
  • supportive
  • Using Gwenneth Phillips reading prompts
  • Orientation with the text first
Year 6 class

  • Noisy (busy and on task noisy)
  • Observed high level independent reading group (Kiwifruits)
  • Lots of discussion
  • Lots of questions, "what made you think that?" "where is your evidence?"
  • WALT 'Knowledge from information from the text'
  • patiences and taking turns to speak.
  • Encouragement and praise.

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