Friday, 12 April 2019

End of Term

I have had a successful 1st Term in Room 25 Team 2, the students have settled very quickly into the class routines and expectations within the class and Team 2.  My inquiry into writing for Pacifica and Maori boys has been successful in my opinion. The boys want to write, my focus groups can confidently, with the picture cards where the boys need to make their own sentences and then copy them neatly into their writing books and then read them to a friend or the teacher has been so encouraging. These boys and girls like writing time.
 Our Team collaborative reading program has been really good. In regards to working with other students from other spaces in the team, this has been a great opportunity to get to know other students in the team.
DMic continues to be a bit of a struggle at the beginning of a term as the students settle back into school routines. I have a few gifted and very intelligent students who think and discussed DMic questions and came up with ways, solution, ideas and thoughts of how to solve DMic questions.
Our school-wide focus has had an impact on the way we treat each other. In Room 25 I have emphasised the importance of sharing your feelings and thinking about the feelings of others. How important it is to have empathy and what it means to be better together 'Kia pai te kotahi. It has been a busy term. 


Writing 2019