Saturday, 5 December 2015

A Reflection on my teaching.

When I think back on some of the highlights of my teaching this year there has been a lot. And I've come to the realisation that their should be, I am teaching 5 year olds. 
The class grew and I struggled to see all 7 groups in a day. So I took a deep breath, thought about what I wanted from the kids and their reading and decided,
Reading with up to 4 groups a day and getting some really good quality reading.
Extra time learning a new HFW.
Looking at follow up activities together on their ipads and not just saying "off you go, next group."  
This has worked well the students are enjoying reading with me and I am enjoying sharing in their success in reading. We all celebrate student success even if it is only small steps or beginnings. I know the kids enjoy reading now because they are so excited when I call their reading groups. I have 6 students reading AT (yellow level 6-7).
However, there is one success that I am very proud of and we have both worked extremely hard to get to this point.

This is Elemasi my deaf student reading at magenta 1-2 with Legacy. 

I have had some success in writing. The students are very interested in our inquiry focus. Which is animal survivors. A team 1 trip to the zoo was an excellent introduction to this inquiry.

We constructed the sentence together there are still a handful of student who are not independent writers but they can copy from the board now. My independent writers are beginning to write very simple sentences using HFWs from our word wall. Sometimes we might focus on a particular animal to get the students to think about the animals features and how they survive in their environment.

Ipad PLDs
I am learning how to do so much on the ipads. The ipad PLDs have taught me to make my own EE activities for new entrants. Thank you to everyone who is sharing their EEs.

I made an animation movie about deers going to see animal behind fences.

With some lovely ladies from Tamaki Primary school we made this animation using our own drawings. This is our version of Little Red Riding Hood.

So, an amazing year, I'm exhausted but content. I have learned so much it blows my mind of all the things I can do now.

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