Friday, 22 February 2019


 After 3 weeks of getting my boys to write using picture cards. We have had some success. The boys enjoy writing. They have become very independent in making their own sentences and were disappointed when we did not have writing. The boys said they liked making their own sentences and then having something to write. What is really inspiring and giving me hope is the boys can read their sentences back to me.

The image above is just a couple of the sentences the boys can make. There were lots of discussions about the "Who" would be in their sentence and "What" that person would be doing and "Where" they would be doing this. I have a set of cards between 2 students. I hear the students sharing and having  conversations about going to the super market with own family and these conversation are important.  I have already taken the full stops out of each packet of cards and next week I'll take out all the WHO cards to see what the boys will write. 
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